Skin Checks

What happens at a skin check?

To help get the most out of your skin check, consider checking your own skin first, so you can point out the skin spots you are concerned about. It is best to undress to your underwear for a skin check. It is not routine for the doctor to examine your genital and breast areas, however skin cancers sometimes do occur in these areas and please advise the doctor if you have any concerns in these areas. We have both male and female doctors available to carry out Full Body Skin Checks if needed.

You may wish to have only one spot examined. We would however advise a full skin check as many cancers we find are not detected by the patient.

Please visit the following independent websites on skin self-examination: Knowyourownskin and Scanyourskin.

On the day of your skin check it is helpful that your skin is not covered by foundation, makeup or nail polish. Makeup may need to be removed at the practice.

A skin check generally starts with an assessment of your skin cancer risk and a review of your general medical history and medications. The skin is examined with the aid of a hand held skin microscope called a dermatoscope. A camera can be attached to the dermatoscope to record a detailed image of lesions if required.

Dermoscopic examination of a skin lesion during your skin check can have diagnostic limitations. If a suspicious lesion is found during your skin check a skin biopsy may be recommended. Biopsy is usually done when diagnostic confirmation is needed or to better plan the appropiate treatment options for you.

It is important to watch for new or changing lesions in between your skin checks and phone the clinic if concerned.


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